Novelaku: The Agreement – A Revolutionary Platform for Independent Authors

Aspiring writers often face numerous challenges when it comes to getting their work published. Traditional publishing houses can be difficult to break into, and many authors struggle to find the right platform to showcase their work. With the rise of self-publishing, independent authors have more opportunities than ever before, but this too has its own set of challenges. That`s where Novelaku comes in – a revolutionary platform for independent authors looking to take control of their publishing journey.

What is Novelaku?

Novelaku is a platform that allows independent authors to publish their work online, connect with readers, and earn money from their writing. The platform is free to use and offers a range of features, including the ability to create and customize author profiles, list and sell books, and track sales and earnings.

One of the most unique features of Novelaku is its focus on community building. The platform allows authors to connect with readers, build a following, and receive valuable feedback on their work. This engagement not only helps authors build a loyal fan base but can also improve the quality of their writing by providing insights from their target audience.

What is the Novelaku Agreement?

The Novelaku Agreement is a contract that outlines the terms and conditions of using the platform. This agreement is essential to understanding how Novelaku works, and to protect the rights of both authors and readers.

Some of the key points covered in the Novelaku Agreement include:

– Copyright: The author retains full ownership of their work and has the right to remove it from the platform at any time.

– Revenue sharing: Novelaku takes a commission of 30% from the sale of books on the platform. The remaining 70% goes directly to the author.

– Distribution: Authors can choose to distribute their work exclusively on Novelaku or sell their books on other platforms as well.

– Content guidelines: Novelaku has strict guidelines regarding the types of content that can be published on the platform, including a ban on hate speech, criminal activity, and explicit content.

Why Choose Novelaku?

Novelaku offers independent authors a range of benefits that traditional publishing houses and other self-publishing platforms don`t. For starters, the platform is entirely free to use, meaning authors don`t have to worry about upfront costs or ongoing fees. Additionally, Novelaku offers authors unparalleled control over their publishing journey, allowing them to set their own prices, retain full ownership of their work, and decide where and how their books are distributed.

Above all else, Novelaku is committed to building a supportive community of independent authors and readers. The platform fosters engagement and feedback, helping authors build a following and improve their writing while giving readers access to a wide range of high-quality books from up-and-coming writers.


If you`re an independent author looking for a platform to showcase your work, build a community, and earn money from your writing, Novelaku could be just what you need. With its free-to-use platform, flexible distribution options, and focus on community building, Novelaku offers independent authors a unique opportunity to take control of their publishing journey and reach a wider audience than ever before.

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