If you`re a landlord who allows pets on your rental property, it`s important to have a rental agreement pet addendum in place. This document outlines specific guidelines and rules for pet ownership on your property, and can help protect both you and your tenants.

However, drafting a rental agreement pet addendum from scratch can be time-consuming and confusing. That`s where a template comes in handy. Here, we`ll explore what should be included in a rental agreement pet addendum, and provide a template to get you started.

What to include in a rental agreement pet addendum

Before we dive into the template, let`s review the essential elements that should be included in a rental agreement pet addendum:

1. Pet description: Clearly and accurately describe the pet(s) that will be living on the property, including name, breed, and age.

2. Fees and deposits: Outline any fees or deposits that need to be paid for pet ownership, including costs associated with damage caused by the pet.

3. Pet responsibilities: Detail the tenant`s responsibilities as a pet owner, including rules about waste removal, leash restraint, and noise control.

4. Property modifications: Specify any modifications that may need to be made to the property to accommodate the pet, such as adding a doggy door.

5. Verification of pet ownership: Require tenants to provide proof of pet ownership, such as vaccination records and licenses.

6. Termination clause: Explain the steps that will be taken if the tenant violates any of the pet ownership guidelines specified in the addendum, including the possibility of eviction.

Rental agreement pet addendum template

Now that you know what should be included in a rental agreement pet addendum, use the following template to create your own:



This pet addendum („Addendum“) is an amendment to the rental agreement („Agreement“) dated ______________ between ____________________________ (Landlord) and ____________________________ (Tenant). This Addendum shall become a part of the Agreement for the term of the Agreement.


Tenant is allowed to keep the following pet(s): _______________________


Name: __________________________

Breed: __________________________

Age: __________________________


Tenant shall pay a non-refundable pet fee of $___________ for each pet. Tenant shall also pay a refundable pet deposit of $___________ per pet due at the commencement of the lease term.


Tenant shall be responsible for the following:

1. Keeping pet(s) under control and on a leash when outside of the rental unit.

2. Disposing of pet waste in a sanitary and lawful manner.

3. Keeping pet(s) from causing any disturbance, noise, or nuisance.


Tenant shall not make any modifications to the rental property without prior written consent from Landlord.


Tenant shall provide proof of pet ownership, including vaccinations, licenses, and registrations, upon request.


If Tenant fails to abide by any of the guidelines specified in this Addendum, Landlord reserves the right to terminate the lease agreement and evict the Tenant.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Addendum on the date set forth below.

Dated: ______________

LANDLORD: _____________________________

TENANT: _____________________________

By using this template, you can create a rental agreement pet addendum that`s tailored to your specific rental property. Remember to have your tenants sign and date the addendum, and keep a copy on file for future reference.

In conclusion, having a rental agreement pet addendum in place can help protect both landlords and tenants when it comes to pet ownership on rental properties. Consider using this template to create your own addendum, and make sure to review and update it as needed.

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