You thought you had found the school of your dreams, and in exchange, you decided to apply very early. While it may seem far-fetched that colleges communicate with each other, this is a real possibility. In 2016, Katharine Fretwell, dean of admissions and financial aid at Amherst College, said her college and about thirty other colleges shared lists of students admitted by early decision. She said she would likely also share names of students who were accepted during ED but don`t care for financial reasons. The Ministry of Justice is currently investigating this issue of the exchange of information between colleges. The advance ruling agreement is essentially a „gentleman`s agreement“ and schools expect students to stop the end of the agreement. Some students may refuse their offer of admission because they have simply changed their mind and no longer wish to travel to this institution. Most schools won`t be looking for students to teach, but they could. Most of the time, they let the students go without making them financially responsible; However, you can jeopardize that student`s reputation. Some schools share their list of students who have withdrawn from their ED obligation for no acceptable reason with the other schools where they have applied.

Students could be blacklisted if other institutions do not want to reward a student for cheating on another institution or for not being a student of integrity. Katharine Fretwell, dean of admissions and financial aid at Amherst College, confirmed this list in a recent interview between colleges, as well as dozens of former InGenius Prep admissions officers. Katharine Fretwell also said schools share lists of students who are trying to pull out of decision agreements for supposedly valid reasons, such as insufficient financial aid plans, to ensure people don`t hide behind a fabricated excuse to choose another school. The withdrawal of the advance ruling offer varies from university to university. Some colleges are much more forgiving and accept other reasons, while others take it much more seriously. Rod Oto, the assistant dean of admissions at Carleton College, said that if a student wants to opt out of an ED offer, they will first try to follow them to find out why. Oto said he could call other colleges where the student applied or high school counselor. While he does not intend to cause every university to withdraw its offers of admission, he wants to make sure that the student knows that Carleton College is not happy. The quintessence, however, is that an early decision offer is just a gentleman`s agreement and the university can`t force you to do anything. Whatever factors cause you to reconsider your early acceptance of the decision, it is important to approach this situation with caution and open communication. Talk to your family and academic advisor about your concerns and consider all factors before making a decision.. .


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