It guarantees a service of an expert hand. He is the only expert appointed by the courts of the Berlin Chamber of Skilled Trades and Crafts and can also assist you as an expert. The results of the audit of the Court of Auditors of Düsseldorf Warth + Klein Grant Thornton AG Wirtschaftspruefungsgesells. I haven`t done that yet. During her stay in the United States in 2008, Attorney Blank was a court-appointed lawyer who accompanied and supported child victims of neglect and abuse. In addition to determining the true cause of the interruption of the broadcast, the expert appointed by the court will determine whether NTDTV suffered economic damage as a result of Eutelsat`s actions. The General Assembly elected Dagmar P. Kollmann to his post with effect from 24 May 2012. Michael Löffler resigned from the Supervisory Board on 31 May 2012. Klaus-Dieter Hanas has been appointed in court to succeed him with effect from 1 June 2012. Hans Martin Bury has resigned from the Supervisory Board with effect from midnight on 31 October 2012.

The court appointed Oliver Schartl of Müller-Heydenreich Beutler & colleagues in Munich as provisional administrator. Mr. Rosenfeld had been a member of the supervisory board appointed by the courts since November 2008, following the resignation of the long-time chairman of the supervisory board, Dr. Winfried Kill. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and expertise from our long practice as a receiver appointed in many major bankruptcies. A psychiatrist appointed by the courts gave Mr. Caro cruel advice to commit suicide. Official or notarized legal translations by sworn translators appointed by the courts The board of directors of the public limited company IBS excellence, collaboration, manufacturing, the decision is taken under the conditions of the approval of the affiliation agreement, both by the supervisory board and by the general meeting which, according to current forecasts, is to take place on September 21, 2012.

In this case, the interpreter appointed by the court signs the minutes and certifies the act performed. Sari Baldauf has been appointed in court to succeed him until the 2013 General Assembly, with effect from 1 November 2012. An interpreter appointed by judicial means is appointed by the regional court at his place of residence. A court-appointed psychiatrist advised the accused to commit suicide, thereby encouraging distrust of defence personnel. The certification of a translation is carried out by an interpreter appointed by a court. It checks the correspondence of the two language versions. His successor, Petra Steffi Kreusel, was appointed by judicial means to the Supervisory Board with effect from 1 January 2013, until the close of the 2013 Annual General Meeting. The EU has lifted a cap on the Russian gas group`s access to the Opal pipeline in Germany. The agreement paves the way for Moscow to develop its Nord Stream gas pipeline and bypass Ukraine in Europe`s gas supply.

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