The National Socialist Council of Nagaland-IM published for the first time the details of the 2015 framework agreement, blaming interlocutor R.N. Ravi for removing a keyword from the original document and sharing the modified version with other Naga groups. The agreement published by the NSCN-IM states that „sovereign power is shared“ and that it provides for a „new enduring relationship, including a new relationship of peaceful coexistence between the two entities.“ Read also: Center recognized Naga sovereignty in 2015 framework agreement, says NSCN (IM) on its „Independence Day“ In making the FA public, the NSCN stressed that Ravi had „manipulated“ the original agreement and therefore may have acted beyond the New Delhi mission and must be withdrawn because he broke his trust in himself. But there are others. The Nagaland Peace Agreement is the agreement reached on the 3rd.

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