If you`re worried about your credit card clearance rates, pre-qualified offers are a great tool to find the cards at your fingertips. Although Citi doesn`t offer as many of these promotions as other card issuers, you still have the chance to get a high-level game. Victoria`s Secret Angel cardholders receive 3 points per dollar on Victoria`s Secret BH purchases and 1 point per dollar for other Victoria`s Secret purchases. The card has a step-by-step system based on annual expenses, with higher levels of offers and benefits. Depending on the fare, members can benefit from $10 or $15 certificates for every 250 points, free shipping, birthday gifts and access to exclusive events. The content of this page is correct from the date of booking; However, some of our partner offers may have expired. Please read our list of the best credit cards or use our CardMatch™ tool to find cards tailored to your needs. Credit cards are issued by Synchrone Bank, a member of the FDIC. Check all synchronous credit card products to check current price information and agreements for new accounts. If you`re thinking about a retail credit card, you`re most likely thinking about the brand it`s linked to. Many stores – from Pottery Barn 21 to BJ to Big Lot – offer cards like these, but retailers don`t.

Most of the time, these cards are issued by the banks they work with. Because retail credit cards are generally easier to qualify, even if your credit is not in better shape, Comenity Bank cards can be a credit option. In addition, you should consider some of your offers when there is a dealer you want to make regular purchases or make major purchases. The card offers 5% return in dollar rewards on the AMERICAN IKEA subsidiary and IKEA.com purchases, traemand installation and TaskRabbit assembly services, as well as 3% back on food, food and supply purchases and 1% on all other purchases. Below is a list of the retail credit cards that Comenity Bank currently offers. With so many partner stores, Comenity Bank offers a wide selection of store credit cards, including online stores, clothing stores, furniture stores and much more. Ana Staples is a journalist for CreditCards.com and reports on new credit advice and developments. She enjoys sharing financial know-how with her reader and believes that good financial advice can make a real difference at the right time.

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