Hey, Swoosh! Sign in to My myaccount.boostmobile.com/ Account. If you qualify, you will see, „You qualify for BoostUP! In the „My Device“ section. We are aware of the problem and will do everything in our power to solve it. Thank you for your patience, FlacoLove. Payments can be made at will and the contract may end prematurely. I`m here to help. Can you send me a private message with the phone number and PIN of the account that has boostup`s agreement? o sorry to have heard of this experience, FlacoLove. We want to help! Can you send me a private message with the phone number and PIN of the account that has boostup`s agreement? I already raised this issue with a Boost representative when I called; I don`t want to do it. The BoostUp program is final; it is an 18-month contractual agreement that cannot be changed to six months (as the regional representative of the store imagines).

I wanted to pay C.L. woman the new phone within six months, so I boostUp myself, but your system will not; He will only withdraw $33 from my $100 and add the rest to the account balance. This is unacceptable! My wife cannot read or write; she goes to the BoostMobile regional store the first of each month, asks the shopkeeper to tell her about her account and tell her how much she owes… I need it?… Remember, my lady is illiterate and won`t understand. Forget trying to help me because you can`t. I know what is going on and I thank your happy stars for being a poor and old wheelchair who can find no other remedies than my voice. I got behind the wheel, and your company sucked me into this 18-month scam. I learned a good… Even at my age. I have a family plan and I am entitled to a boost up/simple payment.

I wanted to know if I could buy a phone with Boost for my family`s other number, or just for my number. This is not a scam. You`ve been told. They have misunderstood and are overreacting. Hey, @Keyshia26! We apologize for this experience. In any case, do you want to look into this for you. Please send us a private message with your phone number and PIN so we can check the grace period. Hey, that`s it! To send a private message, simply click on the user`s name, then click „Send a private message to that user“ at the bottom right „Contact me.“ Hello Parker90, send me a private message telling me how to help. . To send me a private message, click on my username and select Send a private message. Hello, Templar 49.

Yes, you can. However, eligibility, purchase and contract should be made on the main line. The device can be transferred to another line, but the contract and payment obligation remain with the original customer, and you can only have a boostUP! Device at a time. Hello AmandaB77, please send me a private message with your phone number and pin so we can search this for you. Hey, @prodigy7. Thanks for passing. The BoostUp contract is sent to your email address to sign it, you just have to click Accept/Accept the terms and conditions of sale. Hello! Secondary lines should detach from the family or move to primary school to see if they are justified.

As long as you meet the requirements and have never been in a interrupted situation in the last 12 months, you will qualify. You cannot „change“ the duration of the contract or the amount of the payment. You can deposit money into the balance, reduce the amount owed and shorten the duration of the contract.

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