I think you`re connected to these tenants. Do you check the agreement – does the break clause apply to both parties, you and the tenants? Often this is only the option for tenants, but if you can break it, tell the agent that the contract will not continue after one year, unless you are convinced that the external damage will certainly be repaired before the renewal date. I really need more information to answer them – do you use licensing agreements because you share your property with tenants? If this is not the case and your „tenants“ only use real estate, they may well have rental rights and therefore have greater security than is indicated by a license. But back to the problem – your landlord might keep you until the end of the lease, but few of my experiences think it`s worth it. Try to argue with him in the sense that you are really sorry, but the noise affects your health, and you don`t feel that the environment has been properly described. Tell the landlord that you want to cancel a month and that you are happy to pay the rent for termination. I have never had a written lease and now I want to sell the property to buy a property in which I can retire. The tenant, however, is hesitant to move. Many 12-month leases say that the lease for a 12-month period is less than a day, and I wondered what the impact was? Tenants may have invested time and money to find an appropriate rental price. It is therefore unlikely that we will simply deny ourselves. Unless, for some reason (perhaps a financial incentive), the tenant agrees to accept termination of the contract when I think he or she could argue that any attempt to prevent it is an illegal eviction.

I have heard it so many times — you let a friend think that a lease is not necessary. Unfortunately, in 1992, if you didn`t have a written lease, you did give your tenant a secure rental agreement that offers much more security than a guaranteed short-term rent. As you can see, my father was concerned that he allowed the matter to continue without terminating the lease. What`s his position? As a general rule, a tenant cannot terminate the entire tenancy agreement – if a tenant simply withdraws, the tenancy agreement rests with the other tenants who are jointly responsible. So you can`t say to the officers, „We`re leaving; That is why we are ending the agreement, and the others will have to leave. I am afraid you have signed an agreement that says you were happy to be tied to something without the flexibility. However, it could be said that it was an unfair treaty. It may be worth talking about trade standards. Try to reasonably discuss the situation with the agents – they can`t expect you to stay in a property where there is a risk to yourself – and threats to beat you up would indicate a risk. Agents can be more useful than you think. I want to rent my two-bed house to my 17-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, who is 18. Will my daughter be able to sign the lease if she is under the age of 18? What are the possibilities if she can`t sign, if she doesn`t get old? The only access that the tenant should require before the lease begins would be the visit or measurement of the property. If you`re willing to let him do it, fine, but let him do it in your presence.

The lease agreement must start the day you hand over the keys after entering into the lease and receiving references and a security deposit. We have a property that consists of a number of buildings, one of which is placed under a protected rent, which we have to sell or renovate. We have had informal discussions on this with tenants who have suggested that they may be ready to move. In such circumstances, we understand that we need to find „appropriate alternative housing,“ but we are not sure what that means exactly.

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