Workers on fixed-term contracts should not be treated less well than their permanent colleagues unless there is an „objective justification“ (i.e. a good business reason). You should receive the same package of benefits (or equivalent), the same salary and the same conditions. If they have worked for the same employer for at least two years on a fixed-term contract, they have the same rights of dismissal and wrongful dismissal as permanent employees. In addition, they should be informed of indeterminate job offers in the company. Acting workers, apprentices and trainees are not considered temporary workers. (b) fixed-term contracts, with the exception of cases covered in point (a), as indeterminate employment contracts. Your employer may change the time limit (from four years) if they have a „collective labour agreement“ or a „collective agreement,“ but you should be informed of this agreement. It is really important to ask whether a fixed-term agreement is necessary, why there is a fixed-term job, and then to see if these reasons are well explained in the employment contract. If you do not have notice in your fixed-term contract and the contract does not authorize early termination, but the contract is terminated prematurely – unless the employee has committed a serious fault – this may be an offence and you can claim damages from an employment tribunal for your income for the remainder of the contract. The rules stipulate that a worker who works continuously for four years or more (from 10 July 2002) on successive fixed-term contracts should automatically be granted permanent status.

In the human resources department, a restrictive pact is a clause that prohibits a worker from seeking an investment with his former employer after a company/organization has left the company until a certain period of time. A restrictive alliance began as a legal term to govern landowners. It was about how to use and develop land. Description: Types – Non-competition agreements that stipulate that fixed-term contracts are designed for a specified period of time.

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