SeaKay broadband. assumes no responsibility for content contained on the internet or available on the wireless network or through a source accessible via SeaKay Broadband.¬†SeaKay broadband. Subscribers and subscribers recognize that there may be content on the Internet or through services provided by SeaKay Broadband. that may be offensive to some people who may not be in compliance with local, state or federal laws, rules or regulations. Including, but not just pornographic, otherwise inappropriate or sexually explicit, offensive content. The subscriber confirms SeaKay Broadband. seaKay Broadband.¬†– access to information, content or other services at its own risk. Section 3 – Term Primary Term. The primary duration („initial concept“) of this agreement is month after month, and the terms of this agreement begin at „the effective date,“ as defined in the Wireless Internet Now database. Lengthened.

The extended term of the agreement is deemed to be automatically exercised without any of the parties acting, unless the user announces in writing his decision not to extend the supplier at least thirty (30) days before the current period expires. (Start time and extension period are referred to as „term“) With the exception of the pricing of services provided by the provider to the user and, as stated in this contract, any period of monthly extension per month applies to the same conditions, alliances and conditions as provided for in this agreement. The customer is aware that the installation services included in this contract are limited to the installation of a participation module (SM), a suppressor surge (SS), a cable to connect the SM and the SS and a cable that leads from the SS to the location of the customer through a (1) hole through an outside wall of the customer structure. TH is not responsible for additional installation tasks that are not specifically mentioned in this section 4 and may be considered desirable or necessary by the client or installation. The client is responsible for the additional work requested by the client at a later date. Month to Month Broadband Terms of Use This agreement between the customer called „user“ and Wireless Internet Now LLC, a wireless Internet service provider called „provider“ in this agreement. By accessing the Internet via the provider`s network, the acceptance of this agreement by users constitutes the acceptance of the agreement under the terms below. In addition to the information you provided (the „user information“), United can register all domain nameapplications received united as well as all domain names registered, managed or renewed by United. We also register the United Services that we make available to you.

These records may include the following, but are not limited to: (i) the initial date of creation of a record, renewal or domain name request for a service; (ii) the date and time of a registration or renewal application with us and, through our services, when registering correctly; (iii) communications (electronic or paper) that constitute submissions, transfers, modifications or terminations of services and associated correspondence between you and us; (iv) your account records, including data and amounts of all payments and refunds; v) IP addresses of the primary name server and all secondary name servers for the domain name; (vi) the corresponding names of these nominating servers; (vii) the name, postal address, email address, voice telephone number and, if applicable, the area contact fax number for a domain name; (viii) the expiry date of a domain name registration; and ix) information on all other activities between you and us regarding your use of United Services (together „Other Information“).

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