However, if you are unsure of any aspect of the contract, contact your staff agency. To read the full article locum tenens chords, click here. Hello TLG, I must say that your contributions are very useful to share this information for people like me who are new to Locums. I have a few questions about clarifying damage insurance for agencies that offer professional liability insurance based on requirements. 3.) Payment How many times you are paid and payment method should be very clear in your contract locumens. To be paid, the Agency must know the days and hours of work, usually in the form of a report on working time. In order to ensure timely payments, you need to provide this information as quickly and regularly as possible. One of the many advantages of working with temporary physicians is the ability to pay weekly payments by direct payment. If you have your hard-earned money deposited directly into your bank account, you have one less thing to worry about. Health insurance protects you as a physician in fulfilling your duties as a health care provider. However, it does not protect you from individual liability for legal matters outside the scope of your medical practice, such as . B a dispute related to your Locum tenens contract. The establishment and use of a business unit for the purposes of the contractual relationship as a locument physician can severely restrict your individual liability in the event of a dispute over your employment contract.

With the help of a lawyer, you can structure your locum tenens contract so that the staff agency actually enters into contracts with your business unit (. B for example, through a professional limited liability company or a professional company) and not with you as an individual. In the event of a contractual dispute, only your company`s assets are held liable and your personal assets are largely protected. Using a business unit for work as a locumens doctor can also have significant tax benefits, so you should consult your lawyer and accountant to determine which entity to use.

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