(2) The waivers do not extend beyond the end of the participation agreement. NSF applications for three days for subsequent years are valid for January 1 of the benefit year following approval. After approval, a CAO maintains its waiver at 3 days for the remainder of its current participation agreement, unless CMS asserts that it is necessary to revoke the ACO waiver in accordance with the provisions of Directive S. 425.612 (d) (3) or under the terms of the Track 1 model. If CMS or the ACO denounce the ACO`s participation agreement, the waiver ends on the date indicated by CMS in the notice of termination or the date of termination, as indicated in the ACO`s prior written notification to CMS. 425.220. (B) However, in the event of the removal of the beneficiary from the ACO`s list of assignments, the CMS would have made payments to the NWS member for such services covered in paragraph (1) of this section. (C) it is considered that an NSF intends to provide services in accordance with the 3-day NFS exemption in paragraph (a) (1) of this section, where the SNF presenting the claim is an NSF member of an ACO for which such a waiver has been authorized. (3) The CMS announces the participation contract after .

425.218, the waiver ends on the date indicated by CMS in the termination notification. (A) 1. The beneficiary was forward-lookingly assigned at the beginning of the current benefit year to a OCO that has a forward-looking assignment after . 425,400 (a) (3), but in the latest quarterly update of the list of disposals in accordance with . 425.401 (b) and the recipient was admitted to an NWS member within 90 days of the date the CMS forwarded the quarterly exclusion list to the ACO; or NWS partners must maintain an overall rating of three or more stars on the cmS-Star Quality Rating System in order to participate in ACO models. (2) A care management plan for beneficiaries admitted to an NWS subsidiary. (1) The communication plan between the ACO and its SNF subsidiaries. (D) CMS does not make payments for SNF services to an ACO NSS subsidiary; for which a waiver of the 3-day NFS rule was authorized where the NWS member authorizes a non-prospective FFS recipient or, as a general rule, has been prospectively assigned to the ACO prior to the approval of the NFS, but subsequently excluded, and the additional 90-day period referred to in paragraph (1) iv) of this section has expired. (B) a list of NFAs with which the ACO cooperates, as well as written SNF partnership agreements between the ACO and each listed SNF. (1) the agreement to comply with the requirements and conditions of this party, including, but not limited to those provided for in the participation agreement with the CMS. (E) In the event that, under paragraph (a) (1) (V) (D) of this section, the CMS does not pay NWS benefits provided by an NWS member and the only reason the claim was not covered is due to the absence of a qualified hospital stay, the following protection rights apply (iii) SNF who are likely to become partners and enter into written agreements with ACOS for the purposes of this waiver, the following: In addition to meeting the specific eligibility criteria, COOs must submit a list of NSA members and submit NSA membership agreements as an example to apply for the waiver.

In addition, they must enter into an NWS membership agreement for each proposed partner – complete a table of contracts in the ACO management system – and submit plans for communication, assessment and accreditation of beneficiaries and management of care. iv) For a beneficiary on the prospective list or provisional allocation of the ACO prospectus at the beginning of the benefit year or on the first, second or third provisional prospecting list for the year of service, for which a waiver of the three-day NSF rule referred to in paragraph (1) has been removed from the reference list for the benefit year , the CMS makes payments for SNF benefits made available to the recipient by an SNF member if the following conditions are met: (2) Dates of validity of the SNF membership agreement.

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