The accounts you access via mobile Banking Services are subject to the terms of the deposit or loan agreement for these accounts as well as the terms of the contract, which are supplemented and modified by this addition. Cutoff`s time. If on a business day when we are open, we receive an original check-up scanned the day or before 17:00.m. Pacific Standard Time, we will consider that day as the day of filing. If we receive an item scanned after 17:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time or the non-professional day, we can assume that the deposit is made the next business day. However, depending on our choice, we can treat the original control as it was received on the same day as the day of the reception. Your account will be provisionally credited if we accept items of images to deposit that we receive from you via the mobile deposit service. If an illustrated item is not accepted for deposit, you can send us the original cheque for processing or contact the manufacturer to re-digest the cheque. If you submit the original cheque to the edition, we reserve the right to refuse the processing of the deposit and presentation cheque to the Payor financial institution, and instead require that the manufacturer be reissued the cheque.

Our responsibility. In addition to the applicable limitation of liability protection under the agreement, the mobile banking service is subject to the following rules. Except to the extent that the applicable legislation or regulations prohibit it, we are not liable for the following: (i) any refusal by a Payor financial institution to pay an Image Exchange item or a replacement cheque for any reason (except our offence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct), including and without restriction, as the original check-check , the exchange item image or the replacement cheque was not allowed. , was a forgery, was modified or had a false signature; (ii) it or any other party that does not have access to the internet or is unable to transmit or receive data; or (iii) outages or errors on the part of internet service providers, telecommunications operators or internal systems of other parties. Availability. We may ensure that the Mobile Depot Service is temporarily unavailable with or without notice for reasons of site maintenance, security or other reasons, and you recognize that factors that are not in our proper control, such as Z.A., telecommunications failure or equipment failure, may also prevent you from benefiting from the mobile deposit service. You can file original controls and other objects personally or by other means that are authorized by agreement between you and us on a deposit account, and you are responsible for maintaining procedures and facilities so that you can do so if the Mobile Deposit Service is not available to you. Regardless of a provisional credit that can be applied to an account associated with your forwarded image items, image objects processed for deposit via the mobile deposit service are deemed to have been received by us at the time of registration and acceptance of the objects represented at the place where we or our designated agent transfer the balance to the account.

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