Enjoy a daily premium card with no annual fee. Sign up for the University of Alberta mbna rewards® credit card. HSBC Bank PLC v Sparkes (2017) (Weston-super-mare County Court) successfully obtained a summary judgment against the complainant, HSBC Bank PLC, in a complaint for an HSBC credit card debt. PRA is an agent of MBNA`s credit card debt. Mr. Doyle owed nearly $4,300 on his credit card, which he withdrew in 1997 as part of an ongoing credit card contract. Mr. MBNA sent Mr. Doyle a standard communication in accordance with Section 87 (1) of the CCA. The delay note indicated that Mr. Doyle was violating the agreement because he was seriously late and that a payment of US$4,296.34 was to be made to remedy the offence by December 21, 2009. It also found that the account balance was $26,570.20. The delay communication also indicated that if Mr.

Doyle could not make this payment by December 21, 2009, other measures could be taken against him, namely the closure of his account, the termination of the agreement and the opening of legal proceedings to recover the full amount owed. No payment was made and, on 31 October 2015, pra commenced proceedings to recover the debts. Mastercard`s website may contain third-party content and links to other sites that are completely independent of this site. Third-party content and links are included exclusively for users and do not constitute permission, approval or warranty by Mastercard. In addition, Mastercard is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness or reliability of information provided by third parties or products or services offered or sold through linked websites, and you assume sole responsibility for the use of third-party information. Agreements, transactions or other agreements between you and these third parties are only concluded at their own risk. If you click on a third-party link, leave the Mastercard website. All personal data you submit to the resulting website is not collected or controlled by Mastercard, but is subject to the privacy statement or the resulting website terms of use. Please read the privacy policy and the resulting terms of use of the website for more information about its privacy practices. Credit transfers and access cheques must be refunded and otherwise processed according to the terms of your account contract and are subject to the availability of credit.

Money transfers and access cheques cannot be used to refund an account created or managed by MBNA or its related companies. There may be a transaction fee. You will find detailed information in your account contract. H v Promontoria Pine Designated Activity Company (2019) (Liverpool County Court, Business and Property) We successfully applied for the withdrawal of a $650,000 legal claim by an Irish-based debt purchase company to issue the effective sale of Allied Irish Bank and whether the creditor had the right to initiate insolvency proceedings. A credit card you can be proud of – designed for the University of Alberta Alumni IDR Finance UK Limited v Harris (2018) – (Southend County Court) we successfully defended this three-day Case of the Consumer Credit Act before HHJ Auerbach.

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