If your spouse does not live in Illinois, you can apply for separation in the county where you live. The spouse must file an application for separation and subpoena. A life of your spouse for a certain period of time should not end in divorce. In fact, many psychologists and marriage counsellors promote time away when you`re fighting for things to work. Once separated, you can see how much you miss and rely on your partner and decide in overtime and efforts to improve the relationship. To be productive while you are separated, here are a few things that experts suggest: There are mainly two ways to use legal separation. www.forbes.com/sites/jefflanders/2013/10/03/putting-off-divorce-ten-ways-long-term-separations-can-do-women-more-harm-than-good/#4f62adb51640 Whether you are considering a separation or divorce, it is essential to understand the impact that both have on your family. Hiring a qualified DuPage County family law lawyer, able to explain the nuances of separation, divorce, child custody and spousal support, will make the process much easier and lead to faster settlements. At Stogsdill Law Firm, P.C.

We know how to handle the most complex family law cases. We understand the emotional and financial burden of a non-dissolution separation or divorce and we keep our clients involved so that they understand what happens at every stage of the process. Even if you are only considering a divorce, contact our law firm in Wheaton, Illinois, at 630-462-9500 to protect your legal rights and assets and to learn more about your remedies. For some people, living in a state of legal separation is the ideal solution for them and their children. To find out if this scenario is right for you, an experienced family lawyer can help you make an informed decision and work with you to create a separation agreement that protects your rights and meets your day-to-day needs. If you do not think you can live with your spouse, you can submit the separation. Obtaining a separation without dissolution does not prevent your spouse from obtaining a divorce later. When a couple cannot stand to be each other, it is often recommended that they file for divorce. But divorce is not always possible. If there is an obstacle to a couple who is divorcing, whether that barrier is their cultural or religious beliefs about marriage, their financial situation or simply their own perspective on marriage and the prospect of the end of marriage, separation can be a useful way to break away from each other without really ending the marriage. Some legally separated couples will divorce, while others remain satisfied while they are separated. Yet others use their separation as a time to reflect on their marriage, repair the problems that have kept them apart and find ways to be a prosperous couple.

Contact Shaw Family Law, P.C today to arrange legal advice with an experienced lawyer from the Kane County family. During your consultation, you can discuss your concerns with a member of our firm to determine if the separation of rights is the right choice for you and your spouse and, if so, how you can proceed with this process. You can contact us at 630-584-5550.

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