When a bank receives a security request, it must determine whether the customer is qualified for the same thing. This involves verifying the underlying transaction, transaction history and other relevant materials. If necessary, the bank may request additional information or documents from the customer. Guarantee letters may have an expiry date. An expiration date is important to determine the liability of the issuing party. Guarantee letters are frequently used when one party is unsurance in a transaction of whether the other party is able to meet its financial obligation. This is particularly common when purchasing expensive appliances or other real estate. However, a letter of guarantee cannot cover the total amount of the debt. For example, a letter of guarantee in a bond issue may promise interest or repayments, but not both. This specific model is a sample of the bank guarantee that can be useful for formulating a formal guarantee letter. It shows the appropriate pattern for such a letter with the corresponding content. Supplier guarantees are documents used to replace the financing of the order.

First, the seller relies on collateral and credit as a payment factor for the goods delivered. A guarantee from the supplier includes: The letters of guarantee being considered as guarantee agreements and there is no specific regime for guarantee agreements, the letters of guarantee are subject to the general ten-year limitation period, in accordance with Article 125 of the former CO and Article 146 of the new CO. First, the risk taken must be determined in advance. The guarantee must be granted to encourage the guarantee to act in a certain way and, in particular, to establish a commercial relationship with the beneficiary. The guarantor must assume an independent guarantee obligation. The relationship between the surety and the guarantee and the relationship between the guarantee and the beneficiary, which is bound by the main agreement, are completely independent of each other. The issuer of the letter of guarantee commits to a primary and independent obligation. Finally, the letter of guarantee is the subject of reflection. This is confirmed by the decision of the Court of Appeal of 24.01.2013 with the number 2012/798 E., 1542 K. In order for a letter of guarantee to be cancelled at the end of its life if no claim is made, it should be expressly stated in the letter.

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