From time to time, the purchaser must make available to the manufacturer his own manufacturing formulas and processes (the „formula“) for the manufacture of certain food products as a snack, including popcorn and popcorn products (the „product“ or „products“). Net Lawman, the publisher of legal documents, provided the guidelines for the issues to be followed in the manufacturing contracts, as well as the following legal models and their accompanying comments. (e) The manufacturer is duly organized and well organized and in place in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction of its organisation and has all the powers and powers necessary to own and operate its real estate, to continue its operations as they are currently carried out and as proposed to conclude this agreement and carry out the transactions envisaged. The execution, supply and performance of this agreement by the manufacturer have been duly approved by the manufacturer by all necessary measures. The performance, supply and performance of the contract by the manufacturer is not (i) contrary to the essential provisions of the Federal, national or local law or regulation; which apply to the manufacturer, its charter, its statutes or a business arrangement or an order, judgment or decree of a court or other government authority committing to the manufacturer, or (ii) in conflict with a violation or with the time limit or both, of a default in the context of a key agreement of the manufacturer , if such a conflict, violation or individual omission or, on the whole, can reasonably have a significant negative effect on the company or manufacturer. The execution, supply and implementation of this agreement by the manufacturer and the conclusion of the proposed transactions do not require registration, consent or notification or notification to a government authority or government agency, with records, authorizations, communications or other measures that have been collected and are still in force. This agreement has been duly exported and delivered by the manufacturer and constitutes the manufacturer`s legal and binding obligation, which can be applied to the manufacturer in accordance with its terms, unless the application may be limited by just principles or by bankruptcy, bankruptcy, reorganization, moratorium or similar legislation concerning or limiting the rights of creditors in general. (a) all products manufactured, processed and packaged by the manufacturer under this agreement (i) are manufactured, processed and packaged allergen-free and are strictly compliant with applicable hygiene standards of the United States Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture; the national and local government authority (or, in the case of products to be shipped or distributed to Canada, the Canadian equivalent of these) that are responsible for the manufacture, processing and packaging of products, as well as all rules and regulations applicable in the amended version (ii) must be strictly compliant with specifications and (iii) be clean and healthy for human consumption and meet all requirements of the statutes , applicable regulations and regulations of the United States and all local establishments.

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