This is the first clause in which the agreement begins. Without the parties, there can be no contract. At the beginning of an approval agreement, the contract identifies the contracting parties with their individual status or other identification evidence. 9. RESERVATION OF RIGHTS A. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, Celebrity DC Patent Lawyer reserves all rights to and from his name, His right to advertising and approval and, whether during the duration or extension of it, Celebrity DC Patent Lawyer must not be prevented from using his name or approval in connection with advertising, advertising and the sale of products or services substantially similar to the product, including, but not limited to, all video games, Intellectual Property Law Co. and Celebrity DC Patent Lawyer agree that they will take all necessary measures over the lifetime to protect the approval of advertising, promotion and sale of the product. The main purpose of the sleep agreement is to promote the product or service with famous personalities in the industry or in any field. This clause gives the company a limited right to use the names, images, signatures, etc. of supporters, and also specifies that both parties must respect the intellectual property of the other. The agreement should be properly developed and avoid confusion.

There must be the consent of the celebrity before using his name, identity, signature, etc. The company is committed to informing the celebrity of the meetings in which the celebrity will participate in accordance with this agreement. Companies should not disclose statements about the privacy and personal opinions of celebrities to the media (newspapers, radio, television, etc.) without the prior written consent of the celebrity. 22. INTÉGRATION This agreement constitutes the full understanding of the contracting parties and withdraws and replaces all previous agreements between the parties and is intended to be the definitive expression of their agreement. It is amended or amended only if it is signed in writing by the parties and specifically refers to this agreement. This agreement prevails over all other documents that may conflict with this agreement. 2.

presents in its background or hides anything that might be detrimental to the value of the approval granted; 1. Product The product is as follows: [Indicate the name and nature of the product]. C. If the quality of a product class is of such production quality, as previously approved by Celebrity DC Patent Lawyer, Intellectual Property Law Co. will do its best to restore that quality. In the event that intellectual property law has not taken appropriate steps to restore this quality within [numbers] of the days following the notification by Celebrity DC Patent Lawyer, Celebrity DC Patent Lawyer has the right to terminate the agreement. Endorsement Agreement is a contract that allows an organization to use a celebrity`s name and reputation to promote a product or such services with their consent. Such a celebrity must be a well-known personality in a particular field. To promote the company`s product or services, the Endorser (celebrity) receives an allowance or a royalty. A celebrity sleep agreement explains the terms of the approval, including how the product or service can be promoted or used. It also mentions other obligations of the Endorser, such as wearing clothing, while advertising the product or acting in an advertisement, etc.

or promoting products or services in a perfect way.

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