The flat orders or call can also be used for ordering services, for example. B for maintenance and repair services. In these cases, storage benefits are not available, but the call order may be used to arrange emergency repairs or on-call maintenance at guaranteed prices. Purchase card accepted as payment method – Select „Yes“ if the purchase card is used to pay the creditor, otherwise select „No.“ This feature is the same for a BPA call from Part 8 and Part 13. (5) When implementing a multi-award BPA, BPA contracting procedures, in accordance with point 8.405-3 (c) (2), must be indicated in the ordering activity. c) Order from BPAs. The procedures in this paragraph, paragraph c, are not necessary for the BPA adopted on Or before May 16, 2011. However, control activities are recommended to apply the procedures for these BPAs. Once a BPA is in place, buyers should always seek competition for purchases over $2500. Buyers can meet this requirement by contacting at least three borrowers to receive offers. The ideal BPA suppliers for BPA purchases are those that have: A GSA BPA calendar is an agreement of a state buyer with a Schedule contractor to meet repetitive needs for supplies or services (FAR 8.405-3).

BPAs allow the contractor and buyer to meet recurring needs taking into account the specific requirements of the customer, while the buyer`s full purchasing power is used by using quantity discounts, saving administrative time and reducing red tape. BPAs are beneficial for: (3) BPAs for hourly rate services. If BPA is an hourly service service, the ordering activity establishes a work statement for each order covered by the EPS. The ordering business should abandon these orders on a fixed price basis where possible. For hourly orders and hours of work, the contracting entity follows procedures in point 8.404 (h). All BPA contracts must indicate a price for the tasks specified in the work account. The control activity is responsible for taking into account the effort and mixing of the proposed work to accomplish a particular task that is ordered, and for determining that the total price is reasonable by appropriate analysis techniques, and documenting the file accordingly. Buyers reduce the administrative burden by eliminating repetitive activities such as finding sources and preparing new, full bids for each plan order. (A) The ordering activity must offer any multiple BPA premium holder a fair opportunity to consider for any order exceeding the small acquisition threshold, but not to exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, unless one of the exceptions at point 8.405-6 (a) (1) (i) If multiple premium BPA is implemented without the use of fallow styles , orders can be removed as part of this BPA. , as long as he has been duly informed, at the time of the award of the BPA, that the ordering activity may, at his sole discretion, carry out set-aids. With respect to the awarding of land-freezing contracts against BPA, the ordering activities should comply with the following guidelines: The implementation of EPS-BPA can be implemented with the following: (1) more than one supplier of similar supplies or services, in order to ensure maximum and feasible competition; (2) a single business in which a large number of individual purchases are likely to be made over a period of time, occasionally or below the simplified acquisition threshold; or (3) GSA Federal Supply Schedule supplier (for more information, see a future it series article).

Buyers prepare BPA without requesting an order and after contacting suppliers to make the necessary arrangements: (ii) When the estimated value of EPS exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. The prime contractor of the ordering activity: (i) The owner of the ordering activity favours the establishment of BPA with multiple allocation rather than building a BPA with a single premium.

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