Do you need technical support? If you have technical problems with the site or a digital product, please contact our technical support. AHA technical assistance by phone: 1-888-242-8883; Available Monday – Friday, 8 a.m.m a.m. – 5:00 p.m.m, Central Time Email: General AHA Vendor Information Company Name: American Heart Association, Inc. Address: 7272 Greenville Avenue City: Dallas State: Texas Zip Code: 75231 Federal Tax Identification Nr.: 13-5613797 Store Length: 1924 d B (Dun- Bradstreet D-U-N-S® No. 0732 84 13-5613797 Federal Tax Classification: 501 (c) (3) Org Exempt While most AHA training network orders are purchased directly by the AHA, a small portion of our training network with different business materials buys from a single distributor, WorldPoint. WorldPoint will serve identified AHA TCS and their TS and connected instructors, whose main activity is the provision of training. All CTOs in this category should have received an advanced notification from WorldPoint and AHA. TSs, instructors and students should contact their TCs if you have any questions about their distribution channels. WorldPoint-ordered TCs should visit, contact or call 888-322-8350 for more information and orders. A: Information on AHA guidelines for translation of documents can be found on the AHA copyright authorization page. After renewal, the ECC Quality and Compliance Team will conduct regular audits to ensure that each TC meets its contractual obligations.

All CHTs should comply with the terms of the agreement and the AHA guidelines set out in the WFP. A: AHA training centres are independent companies that have an agreement with the AHA to clean up CPR, first aid and advanced secarvasular care, using current courses and products. Training centres can tell you if they can send you a course facilitator for on-site training. Find an AHA training center near you. For more information, please visit the copyright information page (open a new window) on the AHA website. A: You can look for a local class or training centre (TC). If the TC has listed its classes in our system, you can register online for this class. You may also need to call the TC or visit the TC website to find out about costs and availability and register and pay for the class.

This is because AHA TCs are independent companies that have an agreement with the AHA to offer CPR and first aid training with our current courses and products. A: Our Heartsaver courses are for anyone with limited training or without medical training who needs an end-of-course card for work, regulation or other requirements. Although these courses are designed to meet oshA requirements, OSHA does not audit or approve any compliance courses. End-of-course cards can only be ordered from an authorized distributor.

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