In Maine, for example, landlords may, in a will contract, distribute tenants without justification, but must make a 30-day written communication about the planned eviction. But in some circumstances, the serious damage caused to the premises, As a nuisance to neighbors, as a perpetrator of domestic violence or sexual assault and at least seven days of late payment, a landlord can give a tenant seven days` notice for a tenancy agreement in the state of Maine. Even if you do not have an AST or verbal agreement with a lessor, they will nevertheless be bound by the legislation of the 1985 law mentioned above and protection against the Property Act 1977. Good morning. I rented my current apartment on February 28, 2015 with a 12-month contract signed. At the end of the first year, I just called my landlord to tell her that I would like to continue in the apartment, and she agrees with her. Normally, this conversation takes place every year in January. I just found a better home, and because I don`t want to cause any inconvenience, I wrote to her that we were going to evacuate the premises on January 1 (a month of wholesale written communication) and she says that because our contract does not end on February 28, she will keep my $2,000 deposit. The question now is whether she has only one contract that I signed and that ended on 28.02.16. What are my rights? Can it keep the deposit on the basis of these criteria? Thank you If you do not have a lease agreement or if your lease does not say anything about repairs, your landlord is responsible for the fact that I moved to a place without signing a contract and having entered into agreements for payment of the owner. Before payment, she asked me to change locks with my belongings in the house.

I called the police, but they advised me on the owner`s act. I asked what would happen if I jumped out the window and stayed again until I found a new place, they had no comment. What can I do and how can I do it? The landlord may also deposit a deposit in the absence of a written rental agreement. The dollar amount is intended to cover damage to premises and rent if you do not pay the agreed amount. Under California law, the landlord can apply for a maximum deposit of two months` rent if the house is not furnished and three months` rent if the house is furnished. The owner must return the security deposit minus any legal deductions within 21 days of the key being removed and returned. Hello, I`m renting a condo in front of the council in a downtown that`s dying on my feet. I do not have a written agreement or an oral agreement. I have some rent arrears, I contacted the council to see if they would reduce the rent to help me temporarily in my situation and they just said „no“. Close in 12 months Weekly stores, and the city council saw fit to bring 8 hairdressers into our small town. I have a hairdresser myself and the board put one right next to me. I don`t earn much a few weeks, I have to put my salary to pay the rent.

Arrears are what keeps me from leaving because I have a mortgage, I don`t want them to take it away from me, because I`ve worked hard, and it`s my kids if something happens to me. Please, if someone can give me advice, I would be b very grateful x If there is no lease, then the landlord has no right to deduct the money from the tenant`s deposit, even if the tenant leaves the property in total chaos when they move.

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